For the Love of Healthcare – A Call for Help

In 2012, I explained my reasons for supporting President Barack Obama’s reelection. One word: healthcare. The Affordable Care Act had not yet begun so its benefits at that time were still largely an unknown. I just knew that if Mitt Romney had been elected, he would have trashed it, despite having instituted something very similar in Massachusetts when he was governor there. And I did not want that to happen because I knew that I had siblings for whom the ACA would prove most beneficial.

I was correct. Though ultimately my brother Robert did not survive his cancer diagnosis, at least he didn’t have to worry about paying for the treatments he received. Because of ACA’s expanded Medicare provisions, and because California was smart enough to take advantage of them, Robert was covered.

And now my sister Tania is benefiting from ACA. She has contracted a similar, bizarre ailment that took me out for a bit last fall. Only in Tania’s case, she required some minor surgery. She continues to heal up and improve, though with some setbacks, as are possible during a serious illness. However, thanks to the ACA, her copays are not in the tens of thousands. A single-payer healthcare plan, of course, would be the answer. Then she would have no expenses at all, the same as my brother. We’re not there yet.

Tania is a professional make-up artist — check out her blog on all things make-up. She is a musician. She is also a professional baker. She’s a triple threat, and more besides. Brimming with creativity and grounded with business training — she attended a business-themed magnet high school before going to UCLA — Tania is a freelancer. The ACA was made for folks like my sister, folks who go into business for themselves as freelancers or entrepreneurs. And it helps. However, needless to say, she has not been able to work while she recovers from her ailments. And while her medical bills are lower thanks to ACA, they exist nonetheless.

I set up a GoFundMe page to help her with expenses. We set a goal of $5000, which we are approaching thanks to many wonderful, generous donations. Please donate to her fund, if you can. I’m hopeful that she will be back on her feet soon. She has too much more to do, more to give.

Many thanks. Love you madly.

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For the Love of Healthcare – A Call for Help — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you very much, Norm, for the continued love, prayers and good wishes. All the same back to you and yours. Peace & music!


  2. right on Gar….you definitely speaking on this….prayers for Tania and all your family….I’m still amazed by all the talented/hard working/gifted and giving Russells !!

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