When We Vote We Scare Them, So Keep Voting

They recklessly harassed a Biden/Harris bus on a busy highway because we scare them. They threatened to march around polling places with guns because we scare them. They pepper-sprayed children, children, during a march to go vote because we scare … Continue reading

The One-Two Punch Against Democracy

The one-two punch. The first punch came when Mitch McConnell refused to consider President Obama’s final Supreme Court choice, Judge Merrick Garland. In spite of everything, McConnell held his ground and won. Judge Garland did not receive so much as … Continue reading

Don’t You Believe It

When the Republican-controlled House of Representatives finally approved bills to raise the debt ceiling and to reopen the federal government, voices near and far swore up and down that such a thing would never happen again. Senate Minority Leader Mitch … Continue reading

Baby Talk

A horrid highway accident occurred this week in Tennessee, killing eight people.  The National Transportation and Safety Board will not be investigating it because all of that department’s employees are furloughed. The US Geological Survey is in partial shutdown mode. … Continue reading

Todd Akin the Caricature Strikes Again

Remember Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed?  I read it religiously in college. The strip’s resident nerd-genius, Oliver Wendell Jones, had a habit of hacking into mainframe computers at large governmental or business entities.  Matthew Broderick had nothing on this kid.  … Continue reading