Virginia Senate Goes Rogue! A By Hook or by Crook Update

In the last election Blue Michigan voted to repeal the controversial law which allowed an unelected, state appointed despot, I mean manager, to take over cities and towns in financial trouble.  No matter.  The Republican controlled state legislature — the … Continue reading

No Flip-Flop Here – The Man’s Just Not That Into LGBT Folks

{Editor’s note:  This is the 100th post on the gar spot.} On April 29, the Los Angeles Times published an article which chronicles then-Governor Mitt Romney’s history with Massachusetts’ gay marriage law.  It makes for very interesting reading. While campaigning for … Continue reading

To the Great State of Washington, With Love

Dear Washington, Congratulations!  After much civil, heart felt debate you have swiftly adopted marriage equality for your citizens.  This is a wonderful moment, and you should be rightly proud.  You have now joined an elite club, though we both know … Continue reading

Forging Pitchforks

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” – President Obama, April 2009 First we saw Wisconsin and the movement to save union rights for public service employees, a justified reaction to a gross conservative overreach.  Citizens … Continue reading