Reflections on the Castro Sweep 30 Years Later

photo by Rick Gerharter Thirty years ago, October 6, 1989, the Castro Sweep happened. And I was there. What started as a fairly routine ACT UP demonstration turned into a police overreach of epic proportions. I wrote about the Sweep … Continue reading

Stonewall’s Echo in “Sin Against the Race”

In 1988, I wrote an article for 10 Percent, the former LGBTQ news magazine at UCLA about Christopher Street West. The article also included a bit of history about the Stonewall Rebellion. As I had learned in my Civil Rights … Continue reading

The Swing Era – The Strayhorn Centenary Project

1939 was a good year for a composer/arranger to join the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Several important musicians joined its ranks around this time, adding to the band’s considerable aural palette. Jimmy Blanton freed the bass from its simple time-keeping role … Continue reading

20 years ago: A Remembrance of the Rodney King Uprising

April 29, 1991.  I was at work in Berkeley.  There was no World Wide Web in those days.  I checked.  The Mosaic browser wouldn’t come out until the following January, over a half-year later.  No, I got the news on … Continue reading