The Lies of a Storyteller – The Trouble with Mike Daisey

I received some nice feedback for my short story “Clyde” published a few weeks ago.  Thank you for that, and thanks to everyone for reading my stuff.  I truly appreciate it. A friend asked if “Clyde” was in fact a … Continue reading

A Lady Stands Up for My Sacred Sperm – Another Comment from Mr. Richard Foote-Long

Hello, this is Richard Foote-Long again.  Now, you little ladies out there scoffed at the sentiments of my last little commentary about the necessity of protecting My Sacred Sperm.  You demonstrated your disdain for my beliefs by the way you … Continue reading

The Silent Genocide: A Special Guest Commentary by Mr. Richard Foote-Long

(Ed.’s Note:  This guest commentary is best read while whistling “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.”) I write in support of a silent victim, one so denigrated that its silent screams often go unheard.  Even those who defend life to the … Continue reading

Ask the Question – Question Bridge, An exploration of black males

While bounding down the corridor carrying a US mail container, I’m stopped by someone who asked me if I was picking up the mail.  I explained pleasantly that no, I wasn’t.  The person grew indignant and insisted that I do … Continue reading

To the Great State of Washington, With Love

Dear Washington, Congratulations!  After much civil, heart felt debate you have swiftly adopted marriage equality for your citizens.  This is a wonderful moment, and you should be rightly proud.  You have now joined an elite club, though we both know … Continue reading