Black Literature, Black Lives at Word Week

I’m very excited to moderate Black Literature, Black Lives as part of Noe Valley’s Word Week 2021 on Wednesday, March 10 at 7pm (PST). Black writers have explored the many shades of Black lives for centuries, reflecting and reporting the … Continue reading

When We Vote We Scare Them, So Keep Voting

They recklessly harassed a Biden/Harris bus on a busy highway because we scare them. They threatened to march around polling places with guns because we scare them. They pepper-sprayed children, children, during a march to go vote because we scare … Continue reading

My Interview on the Sandra Moran Book Club

Last July, I appeared on the Sandra Moran Book Club to discuss my novel Sin Against the Race with host Elizabeth Andersen and panelist and poet Mercedes Lewis. I met Elizabeth and Mercedes at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival … Continue reading