The Music of Sin Against the Race: A Spotify Playlist

I created a Spotify playlist of the music associated with my novel¬†Sin Against the Race. As I’ve written previously, and as those who have read the novel can attest, I reference a lot of music. It became, in effect, a character in the book. Tunes I listened to while writing and editing ended up becoming a part of the story. Most of the music in the book takes place in Sammy Turner’s corner grocery store, the neighborhood hangout for the book’s LGBTQ denizens. Indeed, Sammy is a semi-retired jazz musician.¬†Thus, most of the music is jazz, though there are some variations on the theme.

In most cases, I reference songs by title in the book and these appear on the list. In a few cases, I just mention an artist by name–for the playlist, I added a representative tune. I found nearly everything. However, there are some unfortunate omissions, tunes not available on Spotify. These include “Alleybird” by Anton Schwartz and “Watching You Watching Me” by Mary Stallings. But you’ll still be able to get a feel for the music that went through my head as I wrote the novel by listening to this extensive playlist.

Warning: a few tracks (Miles Davis) go long!



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