Lacerate Hate with Levity

Berkeley’s 30 year-old Farmer’s Market has apparently been cancelled this weekend. It’s only been cancelled once before due to a gale storm. This time, it faces a different type of storm. Some might call them stormtroopers.

For the second time in as many months, Trump supporters plan to hold a rally in Berkeley. Their objective is obvious: rile the local snowflakes into violence and create yet another distraction for the Trump Administration. Why talk about his Administration’s ties to Russia or his saber rattling with North Korea or his harsh domestic policies when you can show video of Trump supporters set upon by upset snowflakes in the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement?

I can think of better ways to deal with Trump supporters. Mock them. Make fun of them. Laugh at them. They have anger and hate on their side. We don’t need to challenge them on that front. We have much more potent weapons. Music. Humor. Satire. These weapons leave much deeper wounds. We should never hesitate to use them. Lacerate hate with levity.

Ladies Against Women remains a favorite satirical reaction to right-wing bafflegab. Created in 1980, it mocked Ronald Reagan, Phyllis Schlafly, and others who sought to throw women back to the 18th century.

A more recent favorite is the sousaphone player who mocked a Klan rally by just blowing his horn. Dumpy music with a Wagnerian chaser. His video has over close to seven million views. The Klan didn’t have a chance.

These are the examples to follow. Don’t fight anger with anger. We’re better than that. Be creative. Hit them in ways that they are unprepared for or incapable of responding to.


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