Enough. Where Are the Tax Returns?

President Trump, where are your tax returns?

I’m not falling for this late round of obfuscation, distraction, or deflection. He can tweet-storm until the cows come home. That will not deter me. I will continue to ask the same question. Where are his tax returns?

So now we have spurious allegations that former President Obama ordered Trump Tower bugged during the election.

Upset by the phone “tapp” (sic), Trump has called on Congress to launch an immediate investigation.

I’ve seen two trains of thought about this latest invented controversy. First, most have pointed out correctly that the president cannot unilaterally order a wiretap. S/he has to go through the FISA courts. Second, as Wired notes, if a judge in the FISA courts did order a wiretap, then Trump spilled the beans on himself and aired his own dirty laundry. They don’t issue such orders willy-nilly. It could mean further sauce for the goose in terms of Trump’s Russian dealings. Petard meet hoist.

Regardless, I see this whole affair as nothing more than another silly distraction. Anything could have triggered it. Sessions recusal, Carter Page problems, more mounting evidence that the Trump campaign palled around with the Russians, whatever. I’m sick and tired of his constant issue dodging, and I’m growing more and more impatient with the media’s falling for it time and again. Stop wasting time on his spurious, fallacious allegations. Stick to the script.

Where are his tax returns?

He went from “I’m going to release them” to “I’m waiting for the audit to finish” to “I’m president now, so nobody cares.” Accountability is not his strong suit. But that’s exactly why it needs to be ours.

Clearly, his refusal to release his tax returns and financial records indicates that he has something to hide. Captain Obvious would laugh at that statement. We need to know what he’s hiding. Today, not tomorrow. The famous building tycoon continues to expand his house of cards. One could pick it apart from any of a number of vulnerable spots. But the trump card in all of this remains his tax returns. Get that, and the house will crumble very bigly.

Don’t fall for distractions. Keep asking the question. Where. Are. The. Tax. Returns.

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