I’m weeping for my country

They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.
-President-elect Donald J. Trump at his campaign launch, June, 2015

I’m weeping for my country. It has stepped decidedly backwards. Change. Hope. Progress. All dirty words. Obstructionism won the day. Now that Republicans are in charge of everything, the White House and both houses of Congress, what will they do? What will they propose? It’s a given that they’ll erase everything they possible can from the Obama years. But what will they replace Obama’s policies with?

Nothing good. Under Governor Sam Brownback, Kansas has adopted an aggressive trickle-down tax structure that has left its public education system in shambles. Indiana, home to Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence, adopted bigoted anti-queer policies, despite the economic backlash it triggered, all in the name of theological purity. Despite the divisions and failures these and other conservative policies have wrought, they’ll be enacted, nationwide. Facts and logic belong to yesterday. Feelings rule, no matter how misguided, no matter how damaging. The environment played a backseat role during the election. Nonetheless, climate change will happen, whether we wish to believe it or not.

I feared living the last decades of my life under shitty Supreme Court rulings. This fear has now come to pass. With Mike Pence’s help, President-elect Donald Trump will appoint some of the most right-leaning justices in a generation. And they’ll all be quite young, so that they’ll serve a long, long time.

All this happened because we could not face electing a woman to the highest office to the land, despite her qualifications. Because we could not accept diversity. Because we want to live in fear. But living in fear is not living. By the time we realize this, much damage will have been done. How very sad.

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