From Sea to Shining Sea – An Evolution

c. 1998

Honey, let’s go to City Hall?


So we can register as Domestic Partners with the City of Oakland.

Oh! What a lovely idea!

c. 2000

I just got laid off.

Oh no! Well, my employer grants domestic partnership benefits. If we become state registered domestic partners, we can sign you up for healthcare ASAP.

Oh! How lovely!

c. 2003

Have you seen the news?

What is it?

California greatly expanded the Domestic Partner’s laws. Now we can file state taxes jointly, have visitation rights, and survivorship benefits.


c. 2008

I’m too afraid to get married.


If it gets overturned, then we may lose everything.

Du hast rechts.

And anyway, it’s really no different than our Domestic Partnership. The Feds still won’t recognize it.


Late June 2013

Sweetie, if we get married, then I won’t have to pay federal taxes on your benefits anymore.

Wow, really? How much will that save?


Oh! Will you marry me?


Married, November 22, 2013.

June 26, 2015

Early morning. The phone rings. I pick up:  Woo hoo!

Isn’t is wonderful?

I can’t believe it!

After hanging up, I realized that my marriage to the man I’ve loved for 21 years is now legal from sea to shining sea. And I cried.

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