Another hiatus for the gar spot was not in the plans. But the fates dictated otherwise.

A week and a half ago, a medical emergency rushed me to hospital and kept me there for about 5 days. I then had a subsequent trip to the emergency room, where they kept me overnight. Nasty infections, in the blood and skin, triggered both trips.

The good news is that I have full health coverage and it actually works. The better news is that my sister is in town to help out. And the best news is that I really did marry that right man – not that I doubted that for a second – who has gone beyond above and beyond to take care of me at home, and during the crisis, to make sure that the doctors and nurses attended to me properly. No matter how good the the health care, one always needs a good advocate to make sure that things happen properly. My love fulfilled that role in spades. (Danke, mein Liebchen!) Though I will say the care I have received so far has been very good.

I was working on the next installment of “The Dust Journals” when this mess hit. But life happens. It will be there when I’m well enough to sit at the computer for an extended period. Meanwhile, I continue to rest and recoup.

the gar spot will return in the fullness of time. Watch this space. And thanks for reading.

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