Bigots, Go Home and Sit Down

I continue to mourn the death of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

But the bigots were told to go home today.

The stupid, indefensible, silly, bigoted, and harmful Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by a 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court. This means lots of things. The federal government will have to recognize same-sex couples legally married in their home states. The federal government can offer benefits to the spouses of gay and lesbian employees. Same-sex couples divided by international borders can now reunite in the US; the American spouse can sponsor her wife or his husband to become a citizen, a right heterosexual spouses have had since forever. To that end, I have a friend who already said that he is talking to his attorney.

The court affirmed that there was no motivation for DOMA except for antigay animus. And that’s no way to run a country.

And here at home, marriage bells can ring again for same-sex couples. Prop 8 was struck down due to a lack of standing of those who sued to defend the bigoted law. The Supreme Court ruled that those who brought the defense of Prop 8 through the courts did not have the legal standing to do so.

In other words, they told the bigots to go home and sit down.

Then-Governor Schwarzenegger would not defend Prop 8 in the courts. Then-Attorney General Jerry Brown would not defend Prop 8 in the courts. Current Governor Jerry Brown did not defend Prop 8. Current Attorney General Kamala Harris did not defend Prop 8. The state of California refused to defend its own law.

This left Prop 8’s defense on the shoulders of the bigots who believed in the misguided law. And the Supreme Court said that that was not good enough.

It’s uncertain when the marriages will start in California for same sex couples again. It could takes days or weeks. Or it could take hours. For I have no doubt that there are county clerks chomping at the bit to claim bragging rights for being the first to resume the marriage ritual for loving same-sex couples. Let the race begin.

Long live equality!

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