PR for VP

So Mr. Romney chose Paul “Vouchers” Ryan as his running mate, choosing the quick and easy path of a no-nonsense, white male, dyed-in-the-wool conservative who isn’t a complete kook (like Sarah Palin), but who also still appeals to the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party.  Mr. Romney chose against having a woman or a person of color on the ticket, two constituencies he has not polled well with.  Maybe he thinks Mr. Ryan is cute enough appearance-wise that he’ll appeal to the ladies anyway.  I could see Mr. Romney thinking like that.

Cute isn’t exactly how I would describe Mr. Ryan.  And I would go on, except that I already wrote up my bit about him during “The Harkness Avenging Angel” series.  Here’s the relevant section, from Part V:

A-Five paused when he came to the PR statue.  All Betters had a least one statue of PR in their mega-mansions.  The Wallets had five.  PR – to speak his name was considered blasphemy – was a 21st century politician, but that fact was rarely mentioned because PR had became a deity.  Some called him the OB, the Original Better.  He championed the destruction of the FDR legacy.  His first act was to rid the country of Medicare and replace it with vouchers.  Before he passed, he had destroyed the FDR legacy completely and had FDR himself written out of the history books, at least the history books used by Flatlanders.  If you asked a Flatlander, they would tell you that Herbert Hoover and his strict austerity policies saved the country during the Great Depression and that he defeated the Nazis, because that’s what their history books told them.  Some Betters kept a photo of FDR in their mega-mansions to use as dartboards.

Our future would indeed tack towards the dystopian if PR continues his rise to power by becoming Vice President this November.

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