Flutter, flitter, feet atwitter — An Excerpt from Sin Against the Race

Flutter, flitter, feet atwitter.  Fire burning, souls aglitter. Off the bus with a twirl and a shimmy.  Sidewalk owned with strides and shuffles.  Cold air glances cast asunder by the Posse’s inner glow. A motion put on the floor to … Continue reading

Excerpt: The Kid Glove Warning (with crocodile smile) (from Sin Against the Race)

Bill left the classroom slowly after his students departed.  He glanced at the bulletin board and saw the press release for the Unity Rally.  Alfonso immediately entered his head. He walked through the wood-paneled office area when Reverend Johnson appeared … Continue reading

Thinking of Mom – an excerpt from Sin Against the Race

[Editor’s note:  Fortunately for me, this is how my mom rolled.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Still missing you.] Marilene entered the apartment and heard the familiar thump-thump coming from Derek’s room.  Without waiting to hear what outrageous lyrics accompanied the … Continue reading